tell us about yourself.

I'm Keira and I am an 11, almost 12 year old girl who loves to bake. I'm going into Grade 7 this year and I'm equally nervous as I am excited. My hobbies are baking, sports, karate, sketching and watching anime. A few things to know about me - appearance doesn't concern me most of the time, I'm confident in the way I dress and look. I'm not a big fan of flowers, dressing up, fancy colours and dancing - however I thoroughly enjoy high end baking tools, electronics and I have an expensive taste for food. I was inspired to start a business for baking about a year ago and am continuing to build that path for myself currently at this young age.

what inspired you to start your business?

My parents. They have had the biggest influence on what my hobbies are today. When I was younger, my mom would bake cookies and banana bread, and let me help mix the ingredients. Being as young as I was, it was really fun, and I wanted to be able to bake by myself. My dad, on the other hand, left a company he worked at a few years ago, and pursued his own ideas. I attended his seminars and events, listened to other entrepreneurs' stories and that in turn, inspired me to try pursuing my own ideas and be like him. I had a lot of questions starting up a business and my dad was able to guide me through the process. Around a year later, I convinced him to buy me a baking kit which included a recipe to make cupcakes; and about a week later, I baked by myself for the first time (with supervision), and it became a hobby to this day.

what do you find challenging about your business and how do you plan to overcome those challenges?

Cleaning my mess is challenging for me to complete. I end up making big messes and then I leave it for someone else [Ed. note - "someone else" refers to "Mom" and "Dad"] to clean up, and I repeatedly get told to clean it up. I plan on overcoming these challenges by: (a) using fewer utensils and tools to bake, so that it limits the amount of stuff I have to clean; and (b) setting aside distractions and other tasks until I clean up my mess. Something else I find challenging is the thought of what I will do if I am successful with my idea. I will try to overcome this thought by making a plan for what I want to do, and what my options are. Many people think to cross the "bridge" when you get to it, and I do that sometimes. However, when it comes to baking and others of my serious ideas, and other entrepreneurs, I like to plan ahead so I'm not in shock when something comes up.