christie, founder of christieathome.com | @christieathome

What inspires you to do what you’re doing?

I find fulfillment in helping others reach a healthy lifestyle in eating and living better by supporting local, wholesome produce and eco-friendly goods for a sustainable earth. I started Christie at Home to push others to think about the companies they support, what kind of resources go into making that product and how it affects our planet.  With the rapid rate of climate change, it drove my husband and I to support eco-friendly companies and reduce our meat intake because animal agriculture is the leading contributor to greenhouse gases, especially beef and pork.  On my blog I share about my journey as a “part-time vegetarian” in hopes to inspire others that you can still enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal even if it is meatless on some days. 

What are some challenges you face, juggling between your job, running your blog and while trying to balance life?

I think the biggest challenge is making time to do something I love while putting my family, friends and other priorities first.  Sometimes it requires sacrifice of less important things to make room for a passion I truly believe in.  Other times, it means saying “no” to others and that’s difficult for me because I’m not a “no” person.  I’ve started to realize that saying no and putting your priorities first is okay but the only person stopping you from thinking that it’s not is yourself.  This is how I’m learning to find balance in life and I’m sure I’ll learn more with time.