Who We Are

House of Harts provides one-of-a-kind, high quality customer experiences when it comes to buying and selling your home. Our attention to detail and fresh take on marketing tactfully, creatively, and professionally, will bring out the beauty in your home and ensure the buying and selling process of your property is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Based in Markham, our dynamic team is handpicked and has a passion for the real estate industry. We understand beautiful modern design, effective marketing strategies, and how to use the latest technologies. Our team works with consistent service values in mind and collaborates with lawyers, mortgage specialists, builders and more to bring you the best experience possible.


Kenny Wang, Sales Representative

Kenny Wang clocked in 6 years working in the banking industry before changing route and finding his passion in real estate. Kenny started House of Harts to create a level of consistency among client experience, something uncommon and usually unfounded within the real estate industry. His driving philosophy behind House of Harts is that buying and selling property is not just a transaction, but an experience. Using his experience working in banks, Kenny believes in tailoring his services to prioritize customer service rather than the products. Kenny’s most important values consist of family and community, and he consistently applies this approach to his company as well. His ultimate goal is to bring together a more connected community that is able to build and support one another. 

Cindy wong, creative director

Cindy has been immersed in the graphic design field for 9 years and has worked with both print and digital mediums. Cindy works to bring brands to life and has worked on previous projects involving home installations and print advertising. Cindy would like to use her expertise in design to initiate a shift in views regarding real estate. Particularly in the Markham community, Cindy wants to bring change and provide a pleasant, client-oriented real estate experience to its residents. Cindy also holds firm the belief that anything can be achieved with good communication, trust, and a great work ethic, and applies that daily to her work at House of Harts.


Gary Yung, Administrator

Gary Yung has worked in a fast-paced restaurant for years. What he took away from the restaurant industry was the realization that customers didn’t come simply just to eat. The focus was rather on the significance of positive customer relations and quality service. Gary sees real estate as operating within the same dynamic, but on an even grander scale. Gary focuses on client satisfaction and is excited to develop House of Harts’ goals and brand. Gary defines his most important values as family and loyalty, and wants to be able to apply those values to his clients and the services he provides for them.


Keith Lo is an award winning licensed mortgage agent with Mortgage Centre Canada with over 10 years of experience in the industry. His passion is working with people and ensuring the mortgage process is seamless, informative and most of all stress-free. Keith enjoys helping his clients achieve their dreams of homeownership, and prides himself on his problem-solving abilities. He hopes to impact his community in a positive way by sharing his expertise in home financing with integrity and excellence. Keith continues to maintain relationships to ensure his clients hold the most competitive mortgage solutions.

Derek Wong, Videographer

Derek Wong has experience in both photography and videography and is excited to bring his expertise to House of Harts. He has worked on various projects including short films, web series, portrait photography, and looks forward to expanding his skills into other fields such as editorial and fashion photography. Derek appreciates honesty and positivity the most in his fellow peers. While Derek understands that it would be incredible to make an impact on the greater world, he knows that just using his skills and abilities to make the people in his life a little happier is already positively fulfilling.

Jasmine Law, Marketing Coordinator

Jasmine Law is currently a journalism and communications student and the newest addition to the House of Harts team as Marketing Coordinator. Jasmine enjoys creative fulfillment and is always looking for opportunities to learn and try new things. Jasmine has previously worked as a Parliamentary Assistant in the office of a Member of Parliament and as an Editorial Intern for Markham’s The Economist and Sun. Jasmine hopes to make a positive impact in people’s lives one day by using her skills to help others. She holds values of kindness and family to a very high degree and always tries to apply this to her daily life.

Wen Wang, Web/IT Specialist

Wen Wang has developed many websites in his time, but enjoys the unique creative thrill every time he works on a new one. Wen knows that no two websites are ever the same, and strives to develop a distinctive and exclusive system that works for each one. Wen wants to further improve our current technological utilities by innovating and advancing new concepts with current applications and models. He aims to go above and beyond today’s technological standards.